GroupWise: Use Junk Mail Handling for Unwanted Email (Spam)

Around 80-90 percent of spam email addressed to Cedarville University users is blocked before it ever gets to a GroupWise mailbox. If you receive any unwanted mail, you can use "Junk Mail Handling." Do this with caution: spam email originates from different email addresses that are consistently changing. So, blocking a specific address will probably not be very helpful because it will most likely never be used again.


PLEASE do not block any emails from the domain name You will no longer receive other important emails such as those regarding your business office account or ICFs. Only Internet email (email from off-campus) can be junked or blocked.

Check your block list in GroupWise:

  1. Click "Tools" > Select "Junk Mail Handling" > Select the "Block List" tab.
  2. Make sure that no addresses ending with "" are listed.

Daily CU Emails

If you would like to remove yourself from the daily Cedarville classifieds or prayer request list, see the computer help page on how to manage email subscription lists.

Email Scams

Please be wary of emails asking for your login credentials. They are almost always phishing scams that are trying to obtain your username and password. Often they are disguised as emails from reputable companies such as PayPal or major banks, but they transfer you to other websites that are used to collect your information. A legitimate company would never ask you to fill in a website to gather data such as PIN or Social Security numbers.

View / Set Junk Mail Handling Options

  1. From within GroupWise, go to "Tools" > "Junk Mail Handling...."
  2. Choose the "Settings" tab.
  3. There are three options for controlling Internet email:
    • Enable Junk List
      You can put email addresses or entire domain names (e.g. in your "Junk List," and emails from those addresses and domain names will be automatically delivered to your Junk Mail folder.
    • Enable Junk Mail using personal address books
      Any email addresses that are not listed in your address book will be sent to your Junk Mail folder.
    • Enable Block List
      Any email addresses which you place on your "Block List" will be automatically deleted. They will not be delivered to your Mailbox at all.
    • Automatically Delete items after __ number of days                                                                                 If you use this option, be sure to check your Junk Mail folder frequently since all the emails in the folder will eventually be deleted. See "Unjunking junked emails" below for steps on how to unjunk emails that you want.
  4. Check the appropriate boxes to make the selections of your choice.
  5. Click [Apply] > Click [OK].

Manage Block List, Junk List, and/or Trust List

  1. Go to "Tools" > "Junk Mail Handling...."
  2. Select the "Block List," "Junk List," or "Trust List" tab.
  3. Use the "New," "Edit," "Delete," or "Move to ____" buttons to modify the contents of the list as desired.
  4. Click [Apply] > Click [OK] .

Manage Unwanted Email

  1. If you receive an unwanted piece of mail in your Mailbox, right-click on the sender's name.
  2. Go to "Junk Mail" > Select "Block sender..." or "Junk sender...."
  3. You may either block/junk the address or block/junk the domain. Be very careful when choosing to block domain names, especially popular web-mail domains such as or If you block/junk a domain name, your action will apply to ALL email addresses ending in that domain.
  4. Click [OK].

Restore "Junked" Email

If you receive an piece of mail in your Junk Mail folder that you would rather not have junked, do the following:

  1. Go to your "Junk Mail" folder > Right-click on the email > Click either "Trust sender..." or "Add sender address to personal address book."
  2. Click [OK] 

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