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Share an Address book:
  1. Right-click the new address book > Choose "Sharing..."
  2. Click the radio button for "Shared with"
  3. In the "Name:" box, type the last name of the person with whom you wish to share the address book.
  4. Click [Add User]. 
  5. Click to select the name in the list > Choose "read only" or "all."
  6. Click [Apply] > Edit the notification message if you would like > Click [OK].
Converting a Group to an Address Book:

It is only possible to share an address book, not a group.  If you convert the group to an address book, then you can share the address book with someone else and they can create a group from the address book you shared.

  1. Open GroupWise > Click the "Address Book" icon in your toolbar.
  2. In the address book window, click "File" > "New Book...."
  3. Type the name of the book in the box > Click [OK]. The empty book will now display in your list of address books.
  4. Open the group you want to share (The group is probably within the address book with your name on it.  It could also be under Frequent Contacts).
  5. To select some or all of the members of the group,  select one person, hold down the [Shift] key, and use the arrow buttons.
  6. Use your mouse to drag and drop the names into the address book you just created.

View the GroupWise: Address Books - Create/Delete Email Groups help page. 

To learn more about using and maintaining address books, see the GroupWise Address Books Computer Help Page.

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