Groupwise: Use Columns in GroupWise

Add Columns

To add column headings to any of your folders (i.e., Mailbox, Sent Items, Trash, etc.), perform the following steps:

  1. Open GroupWise.
  2. Open the folder or mailbox to which you wish to add columns.
  3. Note the existing column headings, such as "Name," "Subject," and "Date."
  4. Place your cursor to the right of the last column heading (in the gray area).  You may need to expand or maximize the GroupWise window in order to see this area.
  5. Right-click > Choose "More columns."
  6. A dialog box will open with "Available columns:" on the left and "Selected columns:" on the right.
  7. Click to select a new column heading from the "Available columns:" list.
  8. Click the [>> Add >>] button.
  9. Use the [Up] and [Down] buttons to change the order in which the columns display.
  10. Click [OK].

Remove Columns

To remove column headings, repeat steps 1-6 from the "Add Columns" section above.

  1. Click the column to be removed from the "Selected columns:" list.
  2. Click the [<< Remove <<] button.
  3. Click [OK].

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