Hardware: Burn an ISO File to a DVD

Hardware: Burn an ISO File to a DVD

Hardware: Burn an ISO File to a DVD

An “ISO” file is actually an image of a DVD (or CD) that is used to install software. You cannot run the ISO file itself: it must be burned onto a DVD (or CD). Once on the DVD, you can normally find a setup.exe or similar file that will actually run the software installation.

Follow these steps to complete the installation:

  1. Download or copy the ISO file to your local C: drive or to the C:\Temp folder.


    DO NOT download an ISO file to your H: drive since these files can be upwards of 4 GB in size and will fill up your H: drive. Due to its size, downloading an ISO file from the Internet can take several hours; you might want to consider starting the download just before you go to bed, leave for class, etc. In Windows 10, 8, and 7, ISO burning to CD or DVD is natively integrated into the operating system.

  2. Insert a clean DVD into the DVD drive. Use a DVD+R or DVD+RW type of DVD (some software ISOs may fit on a CD if they are small enough).
  3. Navigate to the folder where the ISO file downloaded > Right click the ISO file.
  4. Select "Open with" > Click "Windows Disc Image Burner."

You can now navigate to the DVD in Windows Explorer (My Computer) and locate the setup.exe or other executable to start the installation of the software on the DVD.

Return to Burn Files to a CD.

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