How to Use Your Flash Drive

How to Use Your Flash Drive

Plug in your Flash Drive

  1. Find the USB port and plug your flash drive in.
  2. On your desktop in the bottom right corner, a message will display saying “Found New Hardware.” Double-click on it.
  3. An "Options" window will display. Select “Open folder to view files” > Click [OK].
  4. A window will display with all of your files on the flash drive.

Save to the Flash Drive

  1. Navigate to your file > Open the file > Select "File" > "Save As"
    Right-Click the file in Windows Explorer > Select "Save As."
  2. Select the Flash drive from the drop-down menu (sometimes titled “Removable Disk or “Unknown” on the "E" or "F" Drive).
  3. Provide a file name for your document > Click [Save].

Remove your USB Flash Drive

  1. Double-click the icon on your lower right toolbar that says “Safely Remove Hardware” when you hover over it.
  2. A message will display that says “Safe to Remove Hardware.” Remove your Flash Drive after you’ve seen this message.

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