MicroGrade: Insert Comments in Student Grade Reports

MicroGrade: Insert Comments in Student Grade Reports

MicroGrade: Insert Comments in Student Grade Reports

The MicroGrade software system is a gradebook that allows professors to easily manage grades, assignments, student progress, and other class information. Using the MicroGrade tool, you can email students any class/grade information, import data such as class rosters from CedarInfo, create reports, analyze student performance, and calculate grades using various methods.

This page will help you use MicroGrade's "comment codes" to store additional notes about your students. For more information on MicroGrade, see the handout Using Micrograde or the help page Software: Micrograde.

General Information

  • You can use the same comment and apply it to multiple students (e.g., "Asks a lot of questions").
  • Or, create comments that are student-specific, such as, "Possible candidate for gifted program."
  • Up to 32 different comment codes (each up to 255 characters) for each class can be created.
  • Each student can receive up to 16 comments.
  • Comment codes can be included in MicroGrade's Student Summary and Free Format reports.

Define Comment Codes

  1. From the Students menu, select "Define Comment Codes."
  2. The Define Comment Codes dialog box will display. The three drop-down menus at the top of the dialog include class information in the comment code. (Note: If you are creating a new class and have not yet entered any scores, you will only see two drop down menus.)
  3. Click the "New" radio button in the "Edit Mode" box in the bottom right corner of the window.
  4. Click inside the text box in the upper half of the dialog > Choose "First name" from the Student drop-down menu > Type a space, followed by any pertinent information.
  5. Click [Enter] to save the comment code.
  6. The Comment Code will be assigned a number and will appear in the bottom half of the window.
  7. Click [OK] to exit the dialog.

Assign Comment Codes

Once you have defined Comment Codes, you can assign them to individual students.

  1. From the "Students" menu, select "Assign Comment Codes." The Assign Comment Codes dialog box will display.
  2. Select a student.
    • Select a comment from the Comment Codes drop-down menu found below the row of 16 text boxes.
    • Type in the number inside one of the 16 text boxes if you know it. 
  3. Click [Enter].
  4. Click "Fill Comment Codes" to assign one comment code to all of the students.
  5. Click "Edit Comment Codes" to edit existing comments or to add new comment codes.
  6. Click [OK].

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