MicroGrade: Send Grades to Students Via Email

MicroGrade: Send Grades to Students Via Email

MicroGrade: Send Grades to Students Via Email

The MicroGrade software system is a gradebook that allows professors to easily manage grades, assignments, student progress, and other class information. Using the MicroGrade tool, you can email students any class/grade information, import data such as class rosters from CedarInfo, create reports, analyze student performance, and calculate grades using various methods. For more information on MicroGrade, see the handout Using Micrograde or the help page Software: Micrograde

To send grades directly to your students via email:

  1. Click "Edit" from the top grey menu.
  2. Under the "Preferences For" drop-down box, choose "Email..."
  3. Enter the correct options. Type your email address in the "Instructor Email Address:" field.
  4. Make sure the SMTP server option is enabled and type "mail.cedarvill.edu" > Click [OK].


The most common cause of email failure is if "Use Chariot's Email delivery serivice" is checked (which it is by default) instead of "Use an SMTP Server." If you receive an error message (such as one prompting you to purchase a license) it is likely because you are attempting to use the Chariot email delivery system.

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