Microsoft Office: Use Format Painter

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Microsoft Office: Use Format Painter

Format Painter helps you quickly apply the same formatting styles to various text throughout your document. Instead of manually setting the font, font effects, paragraph alignment etc. to each new text, you can copy all of the formatting attributes of one piece of text and automatically apply it to another piece of text in the document. 

To copy and paste formatting styles: 

  1. Highlight the text that has the formatting you would like to apply to other text within your document. 
  2. Under the [Home] tab within the "Clipboard" group, click [Format Painter]. Your cursor will change to a cross and paintbrush icon indicating the formatting settings have been copied. 
  3. Highlight the text you wish to apply the copied formatting to. Release the mouse once you have highlighted the text. The text will format with the specialty options you have set.


To apply the formatting to more than one piece of text throughout the document, double-click [Format Painter]. When you are done applying the formatting, click [Format Painter] again. 

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