Mobile Device Operating Systems and Support

The operating system is the key differentiator in mobile devices. Mobile devices, including smartphones, have more in common with computers than they do with cell phones, so the operating system that controls the device makes a big difference in the type of support needed. Look through the following table to see what kind of support is offered for your device.

University discounting is available on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. If you have any further questions, please submit a regular Computer Service Request (not an SPC request) and a technician will get back with you as soon as possible.


Synchronization using our Mobility server requires a data plan or Wi-Fi access. 

Mobile OS Email Calendar Contacts Files WiFi Tasks (To do list) Tested
Android OS Yes Yes Yes Via Google Drive/Via WebDav Nav Yes No Yes
Apple iOS Yes Yes Yes Via iTunes/WebDav Nav Yes No Yes
Blackberry OS Yes (IMAP Only) Limited* Limited* No Yes No No
Linux OS Yes Yes Yes Unknown Yes No No
Palm Web OS Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Symbian OS Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No
Windows Mobile Yes Yes Yes Via Activesync Yes No Yes
Windows Phone 7 Yes Yes Yes Via Activesync Yes No Yes

* Requires AstraSync, an annual subscription costing about $50 as of 2010


There is no available method on any OS for synchronizing GroupWise tasks with a mobile device. Task lists can be used on each device, but they will not synchronize with a GroupWise account.

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