Mobile Device: Register and Use

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Mobile Device: Register and Use

In years past, students and fac/staff members had to register their mobile devices to use them on Cedarville's campus. Now, most of these devices can automatically connect to the cu-secure network and do not need to be registered.

However, there are still a few devices that can have trouble connecting to cu-secure:

  • Some Windows phones (v. 7 and 8)
  • Kindle Fires
  • Older Android phones
  • BlackBerrys

If you own one of these devices and have trouble connecting to cu-secure, please contact TechStop (937-766-4156) for assistance. If you eventually need to register your device, see the "Register Select Mobile Devices" section of this help page.

Register Select Mobile Devices

Most mobile devices will connect to cu-secure automatically. If you have trouble connecting your device to cu-secure, you may need to register it online using the following links. If you are unsure if your device needs to be registered, please contact TechStop (937-766-4156) for assistance. 

Manual Registration

TechStop: How to find a MAC address on your Device

Laptops and Gaming Systems

If you have a laptop that you would like to use on campus, see Wireless Connection to CU-Secure. Likewise, see Gaming Systems and eReaders: Register if you own one of those devices. 

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