NetOp: Classroom Management Software

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NetOp: Classroom Management Software

NetOp provides instructors with the ability to manage the University computers in a classroom and provide resources directly to each student's computer. Instructors can demonstrate directly on the students' screens, remotely control the students' computers, and issue tests to the students. The students are able to message any questions directly to the instructor.

NetOp Installation

NetOp Classroom Management software is currently installed in the Tyler Digital Communication Center - room 210 and Milner Business Administration Building - room 142. 

NetOp is installed by faculty request in computer classrooms on campus. Faculty will want to submit an online service request to schedule the software installation in advance of the semester they wish to use the software.

NetOp: Steps for Students

To open NetOp on a University computer,  click on the Windows Start menu > "All Programs" > "NetOp Vision" > "Vision Student."

From a student's perspective, there are few tasks he or she has to do when an instructor is using NetOp. NetOp requires very little from students, as most of its functions are only available to the instructor.

NetOp: Steps for Instructors

To open NetOp on a tech cart, click on the Windows Start menu > "All Programs" > "NetOp Vision" > "Vision Teacher."

If it is the first time NetOp has been used on the tech cart, the "NetOp School Setup Wizard" should appear and walk you through the steps of creating a class. If NetOp has already been used on the tech cart, then you can move on to setting up your own class or managing an already existing class. 

NetOp allows instructors to interact with student computers in a variety of ways. For example, teachers have the ability to view student screens, share their screen with students, and lock students screens. To learn about these functions and others, see the NetOp: Instructional Videos for Instructors help page. 

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