Office: Picture Styles

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Office: Picture Styles

Office allows you to edit images in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint documents with special formatting such as cropping capabilities, special borders, reflections, 3D rotations, etc.

Modifying Picture Styles

  1. To insert a picture into your document, click the "Insert" tab > Click "Pictures" in the "Illustrations" group. 
  2. Select the picture you would like to insert > Click [Insert].
  3. The "Format" tab will automatically open when the picture is inserted.
  4. In the "Format" tab, there is a "Picture Styles" group with many different options. Hovering over each of the options allows you to see a preview of what your picture would look like if you choose that particular option. To find out about Office’s previewing abilities, go to the Microsoft Office: Live Preview help page.
  5. For more options, click "Picture Effects" in the "Picture Styles" group.

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