Office: Set AutoRecover Time

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Office: Set AutoRecover Time

AutoRecover is the Microsoft feature that saves a copy of your work on a regular basis while you work on your projects. If you experience a power failure or your computer freezes, your document should "automatically recover" the last saved copy. When you re-open the Office program you were working in after one of these incidents, there should be a left pane that lists any documents that were not closed properly when the computer froze, power failed, etc.

Changing the AutoRecover Frequency in Office 2016, 2013, and 2010

  1. Open your Microsoft program (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).
  2. Click "File" > "Options." The "Options" dialogue box will open in the program you are using. 
  3. Click "Save." Under "Save documents" is the "Save AutoRecover information every" option.
  4. Make sure the option is checked. Enter "5" minutes, or whatever time you prefer.
  5. Click [OK].

To help ensure that important projects are updated more frequently, you can change the AutoRecover time from 10 minutes to every 5 minutes or so. You don't want to auto-save much more frequently than that, because the auto-save process takes a few seconds each time it saves, and you cannot edit your document during that time.


The AutoRecover feature should not keep you from saving your own work manually. AutoRecover saves a copy of your work (it does not update your original document) and sometimes it is unable to recover your recent changes.

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