Office: SmartArt

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Office: SmartArt

SmartArt contains graphics that you can add to an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint document and customize to your liking. You can use these graphics to display hierarchies, cycles, lists, processes, or relationships.

Inserting SmartArt into Your Document

  1. Click the "Insert" tab > Click "SmartArt" in the "Illustrations" group. 
  2. Select the appropriate type of SmartArt for your document from the menu on the left (Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, etc.).
  3. A list of all the options for whatever type of SmartArt you have selected will appear in the middle. Select the graphic that you would like to insert > Click [OK].
  4. The "Text Pane" box should automatically open to the left of your graphic. Using the Text Pane, you can modify the SmartArt, or you can modify the SmartArt directly by clicking on the shapes it contains.  

Changing the Style of the SmartArt

To change the style of your SmartArt, complete the following steps.

  1. Click once on your SmartArt.
  2. Click on the the "Design" tab from the top menu. You will see a group called "SmartArt Styles" with a number of pre-made styles.  
  3. If you hover over each of the different options you will see your SmartArt change, but the change is not selected until you click the option. For more information about previewing, look at the Microsoft Office: Live Preview help page.

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