Outlook: Autocomplete Email Addresses

Outlook: Autocomplete Email Addresses

Outlook: Autocomplete Email Addresses

Microsoft Outlook will autocomplete email addresses for addresses you have already contacted before. When you type in an email address or find it in the address book and send an email to that recipient for the first time, Outlook keeps a record of the address so that it can autocomplete it the next time you send that person an email.


Outlook does not autocomplete email addresses from the Cedarville directory unless you have already contacted them using Outlook before.

There is no way to add email addresses to autocomplete aside from actually adding their address to an email. However, if you set the Cedarville Directory as the default address book and enter a Cedarville contact name in the “To…” line of a new email, you will only have to click on the “To…” button for Outlook to fill in the contact information instead of needing to search for the contact in the address book.

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