Outlook: Calendar Privacy Settings

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Outlook: Calendar Privacy Settings

For Outlook, privacy settings and sharing your calendar are all managed in Google Apps. To share your calendar with someone, you must first share it with them in Google Apps. Within Google Apps, you will be able to decide whether that person can do the following:

  • See only free/busy (hide details)
  • See all event details
  • Make changes to events

Marking Appointments as Private

If you have shared a calendar with someone and allowed them to only be able to see event details, you can mark specific events as private so that they cannot view the details of that event.


If you have shared a calendar with someone and given them the ability to make changes to events, marking them as private will not keep that person from seeing the event details.

  1. Open the appointment you want to make private.
  2. In the "Tags" group in the "Meeting" tab, click "Private" (lock button).
  3. Click "Save & Close."

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