Outlook: Convert Class Roster to Outlook Contact Group

Outlook: Convert Class Roster to Outlook Contact Group

This help page explains how to import a class roster directly to your Microsoft Outlook contacts.

Retrieving the Class Roster

  1. Navigate to the Faculty/Staff homepage > Log in to CedarInfo.
  2. Select "Get a class roster" under "Curricular Transactions."
  3. Enter the relevant term and subject information to identify your class.
  4. Click the radio button to select “Files on my H: drive” > Check the box next to “Comma-separated-values format for email contact lists.”
  5. Click [Submit].
  6. Note the file name and that your .csv file has been saved to your H:\DOCS.

Importing the Roster

  1. Go to File > Open > Insert.
  2. In the Import and Export Wizard, select "Import from another program or file" and click [Next].
  3. Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" and click [Next].
  4. Click the [Browse] button and locate the .csv file you saved earlier.
  5. Select "Allow duplicates to be created" and click [Next].
  6. Locate the Contacts folder in the list. Select it and click [Next].
  7. Click [Map Custom Fields].
  8. In the box that appears, locate the field name on the right that corresponds to the values listed on the left. Click and drag the value name to the matching field.
  9. When you have matched up all the values and fields, click [OK].
  10. Click [Finish].

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