Outlook: Create a Contact Group

Outlook: Create a Contact Group

Outlook: Create a Contact Group

A contact group is a collection of email addresses for people that you regularly contact together, such as a residence hall unit or a class roster. By creating a contact group, you can send an email to a group of people without needing to search for each individual address.

Creating a New Contact Group in Microsoft Outlook

To create a new contact group in Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Click on "Contacts" in the Outlook navigation pane.
  2. Under the "Home" tab in the "New" group, click "New Contact Group."
  3. Enter a name for your group in the Name field.
  4. Click "Add Members" from the ribbon.
  5. Select either "From Outlook Contacts" or "From Address Book." (You can access the Cedarville directory from both.)
  6. In the "Select Members" box that opens, select the radio button next to "More columns."


    If "Name only" is selected while searching the Cedarville directory, you will have to start with the first name of the contact and often have to know the middle initial to find the correct person. If "More columns" is selected, it searches first and last name, as well as email address, so it is easier to find the correct contact.

  7. Under Address Book, select "Global Address Book" to search the Cedarville directory or another address book to look for other contacts.
  8. Enter the name of the contact in the Search field and click [Go].
  9. Select the name of the correct contact in the results area below.
  10. Click [Members ->] to add the selected contact to the contact group.
  11. Find the rest of the contacts you want to add to the group and add them to the contact group, following steps 7 through 10.
  12. When you have selected all the contacts for the group, click [OK].
  13. Click "Save & Close."

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