Outlook: Install Microsoft Outlook

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Outlook: Install Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is available to download from CedarNet on an as-needed basis. If you are interested in using Outlook to view your email and calendar, please read the help page "Is Microsoft Outlook Right for Me?". After reading this help page, submit an Information Technology request if you are still interested in using Outlook. After you submit the request, you will be added to an Outlook group that will allow you to perform the installation. 

Step 1: Install Microsoft Outlook

  1. Go to [Start] > All Programs > _CedarNet > Communications.
  2. Click “Outlook Mail Installation.” The installation will start automatically and will take about 5 minutes.


    If you have not requested Outlook through an Information Technology request, you will not see the "Outlook Mail Installation" option. Read the introduction to this help page if you have not done so already.

  3. When the installation process is complete, the installation box will disappear, and several new options will be available in your Start menu:
    • "Set up a Google Apps Sync user" will appear in the Start menu and in the Google Apps Sync folder of All Programs.
    • Microsoft Outlook 2016 will appear in the Microsoft Office folder of All Programs.


Before you can use Outlook to access your email and calendar, you will need to follow the steps to set up Google Apps Sync. Setting up a Google Apps Sync user links your Google account to Outlook so that Outlook can synchronize your emails, tasks, and calendars.

Step 2: Set up Google Apps Sync

After you install Microsoft Outlook, you will have to run the Google Apps Sync tool to set up Outlook to synchronize your Cedarville mailbox and calendar. Depending on the size of your mailbox, this process may take an hour or more to complete initially, as Outlook must synchronize all of your emails, contacts, and calendars.

  1. Go to [Start] > All Programs > Google Apps Sync.
  2. Click “Set up a Google Apps Sync user” to run the set-up. A box will appear prompting you to sign in to your Google account.
  3. In the “Email address” line, enter your Cedarville email account (including @cedarville.edu).
  4. In the “Do you have a Google password?” section, select “No, help me sign-in.”
  5. Click [Continue].
  6. A browser window will open, taking you to the Cedarville Google Apps landing page. Enter your username and password and click [Login]. This will take you to a permissions page.
  7. Click [Allow access].
  8. A screen may appear asking you to copy a code and enter into your application. You do not need to do anything with this code.
  9. In the “Set Up Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook” box that appears, click [Create profile].
  10. Click [Start Microsoft Outlook]. Outlook will open and begin synchronizing your Google Apps account. This process may take an hour or more depending on how many items you have in your account. The progress will show in the Synchronization Status box.
  11. When Outlook has finished synchronizing, close the Synchronization Status box.

Step 3: Synchronize delegated email accounts (optional)

If you have been delegated other Google Apps accounts (called proxy access in GroupWise), you will need to complete this process for each account to be able to access those delegated accounts in Outlook.


In order for this process to work, you must already have been granted access to the delegated account in Google Apps.

  1. Go to [Start] > Google Apps Sync >Add an account for delegation.
  2. In the “Add account for delegation to Google Apps Sync” box, enter the email address for the account you have been delegated (i.e., a department account, student organization account, or supervisor's account). Type the full email address, including “@cedarville.edu”.
  3. Click [OK]. A message box should appear confirming that the account has been added to your synchronization list. Click [OK] again.
  4. Google Sync will synchronize the emails and/or calendar of the delegated account depending upon granted permissions.
  5. To access the delegated accounts, scroll down below your folders in the Outlook navigation pane until you see the account of the delegated email address. All folders you have been given access to should display in this pane.

Step 4: Access Microsoft Outlook

Once you have downloaded Microsoft Outlook, you can access it from the Start Menu by going to [Start] > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Outlook 2013. For easy access tips, see the Access Microsoft Outlook page.

If you encounter any problems in the installation process, contact information technology at 937-766-7905.

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