Outlook: Recommended View Settings

Outlook: Recommended View Settings

Based on common tasks that most users at Cedarville will need to perform, we suggest trying out the following display settings to help you maximize your experience in Outlook. 

To-Do Bar

On the right side of the Outlook window, you have the option to display the to-do bar. This pane displays a tiny version of the calendar along with upcoming appointments and meetings and your task list.

If the to-do bar is not displayed, you can open it:

  1. Go to Mail in Outlook.
  2. In the "Layout" group in the "View" tab, click "To-Do Bar" and select "Normal." The to-do bar will appear on the right side of the screen

Show as Conversations

Outlook gives you the option to organize your emails into conversations. This feature groups all emails with the same subject line into a group so that they can be viewed together.

To turn on conversation view:

  1. Go to Mail in Outlook.
  2. Above the list of messages, click where it says "Arrange By."
  3. Click "Show as Conversations."
  4. In the dialogue box that appears, select whether you want to turn on conversations just in this folder or in all folders.

Show as Groups

When you arrange the items in your inbox, you have the option to group items that fit the same search category together. For example, if messages are arranged by date, turning on groups will group all the emails from each date together. This makes it easier to see when an email arrived. If messages in the folder are arranged by sender, turning on groups will display a separate cluster for each sender.

To show as groups:

  1. Go to Mail in Outlook.
  2. Above the list of messages, click where it says "Arrange By."
  3. Click "Show as Groups."

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