PowerPoint: Embed Fonts into a Presentation

PowerPoint: Embed Fonts into a Presentation

PowerPoint: Embed Fonts into a Presentation

If you are using fonts that you have downloaded from the Internet or that may not be on the computer you are using for a presentation, you may need to embed the fonts into the PowerPoint file so that your presentation displays as you created it. 

To embed fonts into your PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Click [File] (if you are using PowerPoint 2007, the [Microsoft Office button]) > Select "Save As" > Click [Browse].
  2. In the resulting dialogue box, click the [Tools] drop-down menu (next to the [Save] button) > Select "Save Options..."
  3. In the resulting "PowerPoint Options" dialog box, check the "Embed fonts in the file" box located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the "Embed all characters" radio button.
  5. Click [OK].
  6. Click [Save].


With each additional font you embed, the file size becomes larger, which can affect playback performance.

Some fonts, especially those downloaded from the Internet, are rights protected and cannot be embedded. If you try to embed a protected font, an error message will display stating that the font could not be embedded. If you are using protected fonts, you will need to install the font on each machine you use. For steps on installing fonts, see the Windows: Install Fonts help page.

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