PowerPoint: Embed a YouTube Video

PowerPoint: Embed a YouTube Video

PowerPoint allows you to embed a YouTube video directly into your presentation rather than linking a  video to a seperate web browser (this feature does not exist in PowerPoint 2013.) You can embed any video from a site that gives you an embed code in HTML, but some videos will not transfer to PowerPoint (e.g., Vevo videos). If you are working with a video file from your computer, see the help page on how to Insert and Edit Video in PowerPoint.

  1. Open a video in YouTube > Click [Share] below the video > Click "Embed."
  2. Use your mouse to select and copy the embed code.
  3. Select an empty slide in PowerPoint.
  4. Click the [Insert] tab > Locate the "Media" group.
  5. Click the arrow beneath "Video" option  > Choose "Insert Video from Web Site" ("Online Video..." in PowerPoint 2016).
  6. Paste embed code > Press [Enter].
  7. Resize window. (Loss of picture quality if screen is resized too large. Hold shift while you resize to avoid distortion).
  8. Run slideshow and play video.


Make sure you arrive at your presentation room early to test that the video plays properly.

This function is not available in PowerPoint 2007 or earlier.

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