PowerPoint: Embed a YouTube Video

PowerPoint: Embed a YouTube Video

PowerPoint: Embed a YouTube Video

PowerPoint allows you to embed a YouTube video directly into your presentation rather than linking a video to a separate web browser (this feature does not exist in PowerPoint 2013.) You can embed most videos from a site that gives you an embed HTML code; however, some videos will not transfer to PowerPoint (e.g. Vevo videos). If you are working with a video file from your computer, see the help page on how to Insert and Edit Video in PowerPoint.

  1. In YouTube, open the video you would like to embed > Below the video, click [Share] (grey arrow)  > Click the "Embed" tab. 
  2. Highlight and copy (right-click > "Copy") the embed code.
  3. In PowerPoint, select the slide in which you would like the video to appear.
  4. Click the [Insert] tab and locate the "Media" group.
  5. Click [Video]  > Select "Insert Video from Web Site" ("Online Video..." in PowerPoint 2016).
  6. Paste (right-click > "Paste") the embed code > Click [Enter].
  7. Resize the window if necessary (To avoid the loss of picture quality while resizing, hold shift while you resize).
  8. To play the video, start the slideshow presentation ([SlideShow] > [From the Beginning]).  


Make sure you arrive at your presentation room early to test that the video plays properly.

This function is not available in PowerPoint 2007 or earlier.

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