Remove U3 Software from Flash Drives

Remove U3 Software from Flash Drives

Remove U3 Software from Flash Drives

Some flash drives are equipped with U3 software. Common labels are "smartdrives" or flash drives with a U3 "launchpad." These special flash drives allow you to save your settings as well as password-protect your files. 

Unfortunately, the U3 software hinders you from using the flash drive with Cedarville classroom and lab computers because of privilege issues.

Removing U3 Software

If you wish to use this type of flash drive in the computer labs, classrooms or on a tech cart, you must permanently remove the U3 software.


Once the U3 software is removed, it cannot be recovered.

Please see Sandisk's recommended methods for removing U3 software

Need Assistance?

Please contact Tech Help if you need additional assistance. 

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