TechStop: Tablet Recommendations

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TechStop: Tablet Recommendations

Once you decide to purchase a tablet, there are a number of other things you must consider such as applications you would like to use, security, and backups. This help page will introduce you to some of the information you need to get started in each of these topics. Please note that most of the information on this help page is written with the Apple iPad/iPad2 in mind. If you would like any further information, please contact Information Technology at 937-766-7905.

Security Recommendations

Because tablets are mainly used for day to day tasks, over time it is likely that you will have personal information on your device you would like to keep secure. Below are a few recommendations to help protect your tablet and information:

  1. Use security features such as passcode locks and the Find my iPhone application.
  2. Set your device to delete all data after 10 incorrect password/passcode attempts.
  3. Do not store any sensitive data in unencrypted form on your tablet. Generally, security apps (such as eWallet) encrypt your data while generic apps (such as Notes) do not.
  4. Back up your iPad on a regular basis to avoid loss of data if the device dies or is stolen. For more information about backups, and how to use iCloud to back up your content, please see Apple's "About Backups" page.

Recommended Tablet Applications

One of the most useful things about owning a tablet is the mass number of applications (apps) you are able to use. The Apple iTunes store has over 606,000 apps available for download, with over 140,000 of those designed specifically for the iPad. Some of these apps are free, while others range in price from $0.99 to $20, or in some cases even more. The following are some of the most recommended apps for the iPad or iPad 2. A number of these apps are available for other tablet devices as well. Most of these recommendations come from iPad users in the information technology department.

Documentation and E-readers

iBooks - Apple’s e-reader application that allows you to instantly browse, download, view, and read thousands of books. The app includes the iBookstore, Apple’s online bookstore that sells over 20,000 titles. iBooks is also a great way to store and view PDFs. Price: Free

Kindle - The official e-reader created by Amazon. The Kindle app gives you access to over 950,000 books and about 100 different magazines and newspapers. This app allows you to enhance your reading experience by choosing font size and background color. It also has an instant dictionary lookup feature, and automatically saves your place so that you can pick up where you left off reading. Price: Free

GoodReader - A powerful productivity app that allows you to view and share numerous types of files between your tablet and PC/Mac. It can be used to mark up PDFs (freehand drawing, stick notes, shapes, etc.), download files, and watch movies. Price: $5

DocsToGo - A PDF creator that can convert numerous file types into PDFs. Supporting programs/filetypes include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, contacts, photos, and web pages. Price: $7

Drop Box - An excellent file sharing app that lets you take all of your photos, documents, and videos with you wherever you go. If you install Drop Box on your computer and tablet, you can automatically access your files on your device. You receive 2 GB of storage onlie for free, but must pay a monthly fee for further space. Price: Free

FastPDF+ - FastPDF is an excellent PDF reader that renders PDFs faster than iBooks. The app comes with a built in bookshelf for clean organization, allows you to add covers for each document, and also lets you download files directly from the Internet. Price: $3

Organization and Note Taking

e-Wallet -  A password manager and organizer that lets you store your information in a secure storage database. It can be used to store website passwords, bank/credit card information, and PIN numbers. E-Wallet uses a 256-bit AES encryption to safely secure your files. Price: $10

Evernote - A note taking app that allows you to make, organize, and format notes on your iPad. Features also let you record voice memos, store photos, and make text within photos searchable. If you create an account with Evernote (free), you can also access your notes on Evernote's website. Price: Free

Dragon Dication - Dragon Dicatation is one of the most accruate voice recognition apps currently available. It allows you to speak and instantly create text content for emails, text messages, voice memors, etc. Dragon Dictation comes with a copy and paste feature that allows you to easily move your dictated text into a text field. Price: Free

Christian Applications

Bible - Bible by is a great way to read the Bible on your iPad. The app has over 140 translations and offers hundreds of Bible reading plans for you to track your progress. You can also bookmark your favorite verses and take notes that are then synced with Price: Free

Logos - Logos is the tablet companion to Logos Bible Computer Software. The app version gives you access over 40 translations, search features, cross references, and more. If you have Logos installed on your computer, you can also login so that you can access all of your computer content (books, commentaries, devotionals, etc.) on your tablet. Price: Free

Personal and Social

Skype - The app equivalent of Skype that allows you to use your Skype account on your tablet. It has most features that are available on your computer, including your address book, video calls, and instant messaging. Price: Free

Twitter - Allows you to easily access your Twitter account so that you can post tweets and follow other accounts. Twitter app lets you complete almost all of the the tasks available on the website directly on your iPad. Price: Free

Facebook - The official app counterpart to Facebook. The app contains most of the features that are available on the computer website, including Facebook chat, photos, updates, notifications, top stories, and more. Price: Free

News - There are a number of news apps available for your iPad. Some of the most popular includes Fox News, CNN, and USA Today. Price: Free (all three apps)

Flipboard - Flipboard is an innovate app that allows you to view your social media in a magazine layout. Flipboard pulls information from your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) and then displays the information in a creative, easily navigable magazine format. Price: Free

Weather Channel - Weather Channel is a great app that lets you view the weather for any location you would like, view weather maps, see in-motion radar, and watch storm footage and breaking news videos during weather emergencies. Price: Free


AppShopper - AppShopper is the official app for, a website that allows you to browse and receive updates on app prices, sales, freebies, and new releases. Using the app, you can create app wish lists. AppShopper will notify you when there is a sale or update on an app you are interested in. Price: Free

Scan - QR Codes are becoming more and more common as smart phones and tablets grow in popularity. Scan is a simple app that allows you to scan a QR Code and view the information it contains. All of your scans are logged, so you can easily access the information at any time. Price: Free

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