Troubleshoot ALEKS Access

Troubleshoot ALEKS Access

Some Cedarville University math courses use ALEKS, an online algebra tutorial/learning site. Any University-owned computer will meet the minimum hardware requirements of the program. The minimum software requirements for ALEKS include Java Run-time Environment and the ALEKS plug-ins, both available on a University-owned computer.

Problems Logging Into ALEKS

Sometimes the web page will freeze while a user is logging in. Usually this problem occurs while ALEKS is detecting and/or installing its plugins. The web page displays a document icon with a red X, indicating that it cannot initialize the proper Java components.

To resolve this issue, follow these instructions.

Verify the Java Installation

You must be logged in as a local Administrator to verify the Java installation.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click "Do I have Java?"

If there is a problem with the Java installation, you will see links that will help you resolve the issue.

Run the ALEKS Program to Install Plug-ins

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in to ALEKS.
  3. Click "Allow" in the message at the top of the page indicating that ALEKS needs to install an Active X control.
  4. You should be allowed access to the site after these processes are finished.
  5. Log out of ALEKS and restart windows.
  6. Log in to ALEKS again. If you are asked to install the Active X control again, click "Allow...."

Clear Your Cached Internet Files

If the same problem still occurs, follow these steps to clear your cached Internet files:

  1. In Internet Explorer, Click [Tools]from the menu > Select "Internet Options."
  2. Under the "General" tab > "Browsing history" > Click [Delete].
  3. Click [Delete all...] > Click [OK].
  4. Close and then reopen Internet Explorer.
  5. Log in to ALEKS again.

If you still cannot complete the login process, submit a service request (ITR).

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