Use Micrograde

Use Micrograde

Import Test Scores from DataLink

Students will want to mark their ID number on the AppScan test sheet so that the professor can upload scanned test scores to Micrograde from the DataLink program.

The following steps will walk you through the process to upload grades from a DataLink text (.txt) file to Micrograde:

  1. Open Micrograde > Choose "Scores" from the top menu bar.
  2. Choose "Import Scores" > Choose "User Defined..."
  3. Select the Exam/Quiz for which you want to import scores > Click [OK].
  4. Navigate to the AppScan scores text file location > Choose the .txt file > Click [Open].
  5. Select the first line that contains an ID# and score > Click [Continue].
  6. Click the first student ID# > Choose "ID" from the "Import Fields:" dropdown list.
  7. Match the score in the same way > Click [OK].
  8. Click [OK] > Click [Finished].

Send Grades to Students via Email

Click on the link to send grades to students via email using Micrograde.

Export Final Grades to CedarInfo

Click on the link to review the steps describing how to create a text file in Micrograde and then upload the grades to CedarInfo.

Copy Class Files

Follow the instructions to back up your class files and data and to create a new class without student data.

Micrograde Handout

Click on the [Printable Instructions] button below to view the complete, 12-page Micrograde handout, which covers everything from setting up your first class to entering and submitting final grades - and all the steps in between.

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