Use VoIP Phones

Use VoIP Phones

Use VoIP Phones

Cedarville University uses a VoIP phone system for offices around campus. Visit this website for more information on the general characteristics of a VoIP Phone. Below are some quick facts about VoIP phones, along with instructions for conference calls. 

Office Phone Quick Facts

Please click on the [Printable Instructions] button below to view a quick start guide to the VoIP phones, including voicemail system access.

  • When dialing out, press [5], then continue dialing the outside number (including 1). However, you will NOT hear a dial tone after pressing [5].
  • When transferring a call, if you wish to return to the original call, press [Cancel]. This does not cancel the call; it only cancels the transfer.
  • Callers will hear music while on hold or while waiting to be transferred. If you cancel the transfer or take the caller off hold, they will notice a break in the music. If you are going to put them back on hold or try to tranfer them to someone else, you may want to say something to the caller.
  • Your default voicemail password is either your extension or 1234. Please change your password as soon as you begin using a new VoIP system. To learn how, see the "Use Voicemail" section on page 3 of the [Printable Instructions] below. 

Conference Call Instructions

When trying to make a conference call, follow these instructions:

  1. Someone must start the conference by calling a 2nd person in the conference.
  2. When the second person answers, whoever is using the VoIP phone system needs to hit the [Conference] button (A dial tone should come through the phone).
  3. Dial the 3rd person > If they answer, hit the [Conference] button again to initiate the conference call between all three parties.


Approximately 15 people can participate in a conference call at one time. Technically, only one person needs to have a VoIP phone system in order for the call to work. If that is the case, that person will need to dial in each person using steps 2 and 3 from above.


When calling an on-campus number, dial just the 4-digit extension (####). When dialing an off-campus, local number (within Dayton/Springfield area), dial (5)-(7-digit number). When dialing an off-campus, long distance number, dial 5, followed by the area code, followed by the 7-digit number.

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