Web: Blogging Guidelines

Web: Blogging Guidelines

Web: Blogging Guidelines

If you are new to blogs and blogging, please see the related Blogging FAQ computer help page first before proceeding.

Use Proper Spelling and Grammar 

Please compose your posts in a document editor such as Microsoft Word, and run the spelling and grammar checker before publishing.

Handle Quotations Correctly

When you quote other people's thoughts, ideas or words, remember to credit them (guidelines from Electronic Frontier Foundation) for what they said. This builds your credibility within the community and provides a good foundation for additional posts down the road.

Validate Your References

When you state something as a fact, or quote someone, make sure that what you say is accurate. If you cannot prove or disprove a statement, make it clear that you are only sharing your own opinion. 

Post Regularly

Loyal blog readers expect new content regularly. If you make a decision to post on your blog less frequently than you have been, inform your readers of your decision.

Formatting Recommendations

When you post to a blog, be concise. Compose your message by paragraphs. Start new paragraphs with line breaks, not indentations. If your post is going to be lengthy, try to break it up with headings. Readers may ignore your post if there is too much information to digest.


Excessive use of capital letters on the Internet usually comes across as rude.

For a good example of a blogging etiquette, see these guidelines.  You will probably run your personal blog differently, but you will want to think through those kinds of issues when you post on your blog and when you comment on other blogs. 

Please contact Information Technology if you have any additional questions about blogging.

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