Web: Wiki Structure

Web: Wiki Structure

Before you start...


(Note: If you are new to wikis, please read the Wiki FAQ page for introductory information).

Wikis need structure just like any form of documentation. When starting your wiki page, especially if you have a lot of content, you will want to organize the content in an understandable fashion.


Provide a summary of your wiki page's content. This summary should help readers decide if they want to read the information.


Organize your information with headings. The printable instructions below explain the various heading levels.

The headings will automatically appear in a table of contents at the top of the page.

Link to References

Make sure to link any unfamiliar terms or references in the text of your site to any corresponding articles or web resources. Doing so will allow your readers to more fully understand your page and may add credibility.


Make sure to list relevant resources in the reference section of your wiki.

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