WordPerfect: Generate Hyperlinks for Table of Contents

WordPerfect: Generate Hyperlinks for Table of Contents

Type up your table of contents including all necessary bookmarks and links within the document.

  1. Select "Tools" > Choose "Reference"
  2. Select "Table of Contents."
  3. Click the [Generate...] button.
  4. Check the box labeled "Build hyperlinks" > Click [OK].
  5. Click [Close]. 

In a large document, it can be helpful to place a "Return to TOC" hyperlink at the top of each page of the document. You will need to set up a bookmark first and then create the hyperlink on each page to accomplish this.

Refer to the online WordPerfect help for further information.

Keywords: create, link, hyperlink, hyper link, table of contents, reference, TOC, table, automatic.

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