WordPerfect: Install on University Computer

WordPerfect: Install on University Computer

The most recent version of WordPerfect (X6) is available from the CedarNet menus, and you may install it yourself on any University computer.

Install WordPerfect on a University Computer

  1. Log in to a University computer.
  2. Click on the Windows [Start] button > Select "All Programs" > "CedarNet." (In Windows 10, click on "CedarNet" from the desktop.)
  3. Choose "Office Suites."
  4. Select "Corel WordPerfect X6 Suite Installation."

Follow the prompts to install WordPerfect X6 on your machine.

Launch WordPerfect

After the installation has completed, you can locate the current Corel applications (Presentations X6, Quattro Pro X6, WordPerfect X6) on the University computer as follows:

  1. Click on the Windows [Start] button > Select "All Programs" > "CedarNet." (In Windows 10, click on "CedarNet" from the desktop.)
  2. Choose "Office Suites."
  3. Click to select and launch the desired application.

Get Help

Corel offers some online help for WordPerfect users. Answers to frequently-asked questions are available on the Corel website.

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