WordPerfect: Reveal Codes

WordPerfect: Reveal Codes

Formatting codes are turned off by default in WordPerfect.

Reveal Codes

It is easy to reveal the formatting codes using the keyboard shortcut [Alt] + [F3] or by following these steps:

  1. Open a WordPerfect document.
  2. Click "View" > Select "Reveal Codes."

Hide Codes

Repeat the steps above in the "Reveal Codes" section to hide the formatting codes.

Common Formatting Codes

  • Red rectangle > insertion point (where your cursor is currently located)
  • HRt > hard carriage return (when the [Enter] key is pressed)
  • SRt > soft carriage return (automatic word wrap)
  • Tab > tabs
  • Diamonds > for spaces
  • Left & right arrow-shaped buttons with either a B, I or U > display when Bold, Italics or Underline are turned on or off.

Shortcut Keys

  • Bold > [Ctrl]+[B] to turn bold on .... type your text ... then [Ctrl]+[B] to turn bold off
  • Italic > [Ctrl]+[I] to turn italics on ... type your text ... then [Ctrl]+[I] to turn italics off
  • Underline > [Ctrl]+[U] to turn underlining on ... type your text ... then [Ctrl]+[U] to turn underlining off.

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