WordPerfect: Reveal Codes

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WordPerfect: Reveal Codes

Each time you make a change to a WordPerfect document (add a space, type text, change the font style etc.), WordPerfect inserts a corresponding code "behind the scenes" that represents your change. When you turn on reveal codes, you can see what codes are inserted as you make changes to your document. You can even edit or delete the codes yourself. 

Turn On/Off Reveal Codes

When you turn on reveal codes, a section containing your document's text and corresponding codes will appear at the bottom of your screen. From here, you can edit or delete the reveal codes. 

To turn on/off reveal codes: 

  1. Open a WordPerfect document.
  2. Press [Alt] + [F3] or click [View] > Select "Reveal Codes." The codes will appear at the bottom of your document. 

Common Formatting Codes

  • Red rectangle > insertion point (where your cursor is currently located)
  • HRt > hard carriage return (when the [Enter] key is pressed)
  • SRt > soft carriage return (automatic word wrap)
  • Tab > tabs
  • Diamonds > for spaces
  • Left & right arrow-shaped buttons with either a B, I or U > display when Bold, Italics or Underline are turned on or off.

Shortcut Keys

  • Bold > [Ctrl]+[B] to turn bold on .... type your text ... then [Ctrl]+[B] to turn bold off
  • Italic > [Ctrl]+[I] to turn italics on ... type your text ... then [Ctrl]+[I] to turn italics off
  • Underline > [Ctrl]+[U] to turn underlining on ... type your text ... then [Ctrl]+[U] to turn underlining off.

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