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Is Christianity Incompatible With Science?

Is Christianity Incompatible With Science?

Science and religion are like oil and water — they just don’t mix. You have to choose: You can either love God or love science, right? Wrong. That's what skeptics want you to believe, but we don’t have to choose between our faith and science. Dr. Dan DeWitt, Associate Professor of Applied Theology, shares 6 reasons why Christianity is not only compatible with science, it is foundational.

  1. Science is a tool to help us understand our world. It cannot be any more in conflict with God than a hammer.
  2. The Christian worldview actually gave birth to the scientific method.
  3. Christianity is able to explain far more than science.
  4. The history of science is filled with great men and women of faith.
  5. Much of the debate we hear is not really about science as a tool and the Christian faith; it’s about worldview commitments.
  6. Atheism, not Christianity, is really in conflict with science.

To learn more from Dr. DeWitt, watch the video below.

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