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Theology Seminar Session 11: Theism & World Religions

Every religion speaks of the god or gods it worships. While there are distinctions to be seen in the pantheon of gods that exist in world religions, there are some who also wish to claim that all religions are paths that ultimately lead to the same destination. Some would even say, for instance, that the god of Islam and the God of Christianity are one and the same and that these religious ideologies hold the same basic beliefs. This claim, however, stands in stark contrast to the teachings of the Christian faith, which affirms that we worship the one triune God. Dr. Matt Bennett, Assistant Professor of Missions and Theology, will offer helpful teaching on this matter, showing why it is so crucial to understand how Christianity stands apart from every other religion known to humanity. As an initiative of the Center for Biblical Integration, this talk is the 3rd Theology Seminar being offered to Cedarville faculty during the Fall 2020 semester, and the 11th in the series.
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