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Mr. Sam Alberry | A Theology of the Body

In this video Rev. Sam Allberry, Visiting Professor at Cedarville University, a global speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, editor for The Gospel Coalition, author of several apologetic’s
books, and a pastor based in Maidenhead, UK, gives a lecture on “A Theology of the Body”. Sam writes, "Western culture is increasingly confused about our bodies: on one hand they’re seen as accidental and incidental; on the other they can quickly become the focus of our identity — we seem to be more invested in our image than ever before. But as we look at the biblical narrative we see
good news. Creation, fall, and redemption all shed crucial light on what it means to be and have a body." This is a crucial topic effecting a number of our respective disciplines. This lecture, I have no doubt, will be of great help to our efforts to love God with all of our minds.