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Specific Program Instructions

Each graduate and adult program has special requirements for admission. Please click below on the program you are interested in to view the criteria and process:

Graduate and Adult Degree Programs:

Graduate and Adult Nondegree Programs:

Recommendation Forms

As part of the online application process, you can send your recommendation requests via email directly to the individuals completing your recommendations. In the recommendation forms section of the online application, provide the individual's name and email address for the appropriate recommendation. Each request will be sent to the individuals as an email and include a link that allows the individuals to access and submit their online recommendations. If the individuals have difficulty accessing or completing the online form, please use the PDF forms linked to each recommendation below.

  1. Church Leader [Online] [PDF] - Have a leader at your church who is familiar with your testimony and spiritual development complete and return this form.
  2. Supervisor/Employer [Online] [PDF] - Have your immediate supervisor complete and return this form. If not currently employed, have a former employer complete and return this form.
  3. Professional [Online] [PDF] - Have someone you work with or who knows you professionally complete and return this form.