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Student Organization FAQs

General Questions

What does being a part of Chi Sigma Omega require for my Org? Why does my Org need a Fac/Staff advisor?

Cedarville Student Organizations requires Orgs be accountable and sustainable. Guidance from a Fac/Staff advisor will help ensure accountability and sustainability.

Do Org Officers need to attend CU LEAD?

Yes. Chi Sigma Omega is a part of Student Life Programs which has as its mission to “develop lifelong leaders.” Attending CU Lead is one of the many ways SLP equips students to become leaders.


How does my Org apply for Incentive Funds?

Fill out the  Incentive Fund Request form at If you need incentive funds for an event, submit the form at least two weeks prior to the event date.

How can I access my Org's General Ledger (GL) account?

  • Log in to myCU and scroll to "Financial Transactions"
  • Click on "General Ledger Departmental Lookup"
  • Enter your Org's account number and view your balance

If you do not have access, please submit a General Ledger Account Request form at

If I need to buy something for my Org, can I use an SLP credit card?

No. If you need to make a purchase for your Org, you must find a way to make that purchase within your Org, and then fill out a Requisition Form.

How does my Org fill out a Requisition Form?

On a University-Owned computer:

  • Click on "CedarNet" on your desktop
  • Click on "Requisitions"
  • Fill in the boxes (Always select "AP check")
  • Obtain your advisor's signature for approval
  • Staple the form to the respective invoice(s) or receipt(s) and mail it to Account Payable via campus mail

How can I request a table in the Lower SSC?

Submit a Table Request form at Please submit table requests at least two weeks prior to the intended date.

When can my Org sell in the Lower SSC?

Orgs can sell in the Lower SSC between 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Monday - Friday. There is a limit to the number of orgs allowed to sell. Sales are first-come, first-served. To sell in the lower SSC, submit a Table Request form at

Where do I get a cash box for Org sales?

All cash sales must be done through the Cashier’s Office (SSC 130). The Cashier’s Office will supply your Org with the cash box as well as your starting cash. When you’re done selling for the day, return your cash box to the Cashier’s Office (SSC 130). You can pick it up the next day no earlier than 10:45AM. Orgs may not keep the cash box overnight. Orgs may not store cash boxes at the Info Desk or the Campus Experience office.

Can our Org use SLP's Square system while selling?

No. Org sales are cash only. Cash boxes can be requested from the Cashiers Office.

Where can my Org store the items we are selling?

Orgs may not store sales items or promotional items in Campus Experience storage space or offices. Most Orgs store their items in dorm rooms during a sales week.

Where does my Org get our table from? Do we need to put our tables away at the end of the day?

Someone in the SGA or Campus Experience office will help you get your table. Once you’re done for the day, please return your table to the SLP closet (154A) with the help of any member of SGA.

Cedarville Student Involvement

What is Cedarville Student Involvement?

CSI is the online program students use to get involved on campus. Through CSI, students can browse upcoming events, view their past attendance, and explore Student Organizations (Orgs).

How do I search for upcoming events?

How do I browse Orgs?

  • Visit
  • Click "Organizations" on the top navigation bar
  • Here, you can browse organizations by category (Academic, Student, or Sport)

How do I submit an event request?

How can my Org track attendance at meetings? How do I scan attendees into my Org's event?

Please contact the SGA Involvement team with questions about tracking event attendance.

What information can be kept in an Org Profile?

Organization Profiles should contain the following information

  • Name
  • Description
  • Regular meeting location / time
  • Category

Orgs are required to keep an up-to-date profile and roster so that new students can get a true idea of the purpose of the Org and whether they may want to join.

How do I set group meeting locations/times?

Org Officers can set and make changes to Org location and meeting times. Keep in mind you should only publish this information if the space has been requested and approved by Events Services through the Cedarville Room Reservation system.

  • From the Administrator Dashboard, select the Org you would like to edit
  • Click the red pencil in the top right. This will allow you to make edits to the Org page
  • Select "Meeting Location" and "Meeting Time"


How far in advance should my Org request an event on CSI?

We strongly recommend that events be submitted for approval at at least one month ahead of time. Failure to do so could result in the inability to submit other requests in time for your event.

How should my Org promote our events?

  • On myCU: Submit Announcement slides to be displayed in Chapel and/or the SSC.
  • Posters must be approved by Campus Experience at the SCC Information Desk, located across from the DeVries Theatre.

Where can my Org print promotional materials?

Cedarville print Services is the best local resource for printing promotional materials. Print Services is located in SSC 171 across from the Campus Experience Office. Submit a print request by emailing

Can my Org show movies on campus?

Yes. You must request permission from the Campus Experience office. If you have any questions, or would like to pursue this option, please email, or come to the SGA office located in the Lower SSC 154.

How does my Org reserve tables and chairs?

Tables and chairs can be requested through a Maintenance Work Order on myCU. Please submit requests at least one week prior to the event.

Do all Org events need to be on campus?

No. However, whether on campus or off-campus, you are required submit an event request on Cedarville Student Involvement and you must follow the Cedarville Student Handbook.

Where can my Org get help with tech needs?

AV Requests are located in myCU. Submit one of these forms if you have AV needs at least one week prior to your Org's event.