Michael Firmin Memorial

Dr. Michael Firmin With the Lord

We have been reminded often in 2020 of our complete reliance on God and the uncertainties of life on this side of heaven. This truth was made all the more clear by the sudden and unexpected passing of Dr. Michael Firmin, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, due to a heart attack on October 27.

Since his arrival at Cedarville University in 1998, Dr. Firmin served faithfully as a faculty member, department chair, and colleague. He was a prolific scholar, regularly publishing in his field, editing a journal, and directing numerous conferences. He worked tirelessly with students to help them prepare research for presentation and publication.

Dr. Firmin was committed to biblical integration and maintained a rigorous study of the Word of God and Koine Greek. Dr. Firmin's high standards, vast array of interests, and dedication to scholarship were unrivaled. His commitment to the success of Cedarville was unequaled.

"Let’s reflect on the grace that is ours to come where paradise awaits those whose salvation is assured by Christ,” commented Professor of Psychology and current department chair Luke Tse. “Dr. Firmin is with our beloved Lord!"

“We mourn, but not without hope,” said Thomas White, President of Cedarville University. “One day, we will see our beloved friend and colleague again.”

Dr. Michael Firmin