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Submitting a Work Order

The motive for better work order control has been to make sure that maintenance items are taken care of 100% of the time, decently and in order. We have implemented a control system that makes certain all maintenance items are duly noted, prioritized and addressed by the craft workers. This system is still under development, and is unique to Cedarville University. The goal is to have everyone on campus have the rights and responsibility to formally notify maintenance when a problem arises. We need a report on every item, even something as simple as a burned-out light bulb. If it is recorded by the work order system, it cannot be "lost," neglected, or forgotten!

To submit a work order:

  1. Go to the faculty/staff or student homepage.
  2. In the center column toward the bottom, click on "Maintenance Work Request."
  3. The system will prompt you on the specifics of your maintenance need. Be very specific, including name of building, room number, location, and a description of the need or problem.
  4. Click "Submit," and the system will immediately give you the number of the work order.

This work order number will be processed and permanently registered into the system record. Craft managers will prioritize the work and assign it to specific employees for completion. Please note that your work order may not be addressed immediately. It takes time to work through priorities; at the present time we have several hundred active work orders. Soon, you will be able to go back into the system to check the status of your own work order requests. We will let you know when changes take effect.

If you consider your need to be an emergency, please call Work Order Control, in addition to submitting a work request online, at extension 7772, 2780, or 7774.

Proper utilization of the work order system will make our department more proactive, efficient and productive. Thank you for your help!