Objectives and Policies



The objective of this course is for the student to learn the basic computer concepts and terminology and apply these principles using the C++ programming language.  The course introduces basic computer architecture, information encoding, software development and troubleshooting, object-oriented design and C++ language syntax.  Students will become familiar with program development on both the Unix and Windows operating systems.  By the end of the course, students should be able to:


bullet Appointments:  Office hours are posted on this web site.  Additionally, you may schedule an appointment with me during my free times.  To schedule an appointment, please send me an email requesting a specific time to meet.  Please keep appointments to less than 30 minutes, if possible.
bullet Attendance:  You are expected to attend all classes.  Department policy permits me to lower your grade one letter for each set of three unexcused absenses.   In the event of an unexcused absence from a class period during which a quiz or exam was given, the student will receive a zero for that grade.  In order for an absence to be excused, it must be reported to me by email (or some other means) in advance. 
bullet Collaboration:  I encourage you to work together in study groups to accomplish your homework and programs for this class.  However, all work that you turn in must be your own.  You may not copy another's work.  Student's found doing so will receive a zero on that assignment and risk failure in the class for a repeat offense.  For more detail see the course collaboration policy.
bullet Disabilities:  If you have a disability covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act for which academic accommodations might need to be provided in this course, please contact the office of the Coordinator of Disability Services, Mrs. Marilyn Meyer, Ext. 3843, meyerm@cedarville.edu, as soon as possible so reasonable and appropriate accommodations can be determined and arranged.
bullet E-mail:  Since I'll be communicating certain class information via email, I expect you to read you're email daily.  
bullet Grades:  This class is generally graded by the standard scale:  93-100 (A), 90-93↓ (A-), 87-90↓ (B+), 83-87↓ (B), 80-83↓ (B-), 77-80↓ (C+), 73-77↓ (C), 70-73↓ (C-), 60-70↓ (D), and 60↓ (F).
bullet Late Policy:  Homework will received a 10% late penalty for each weekday (or part of a weekday) that it is late.