Week Content Reading Assign Due
Jan 6 - 8 (1) W: Intro to Course, Intro to Computer Science, Access to Linux Servers
F:   C++ Template Program, Comments, C++ Variable Declaration, Assignment, Crucial Linux Commands  

1.3, 2.1

HW#2   HW#1
Jan 11 - 15 (2) M:   Programming Style, C++ I/O, Literals, Operators, and Expressions Style Guide, 2.2-2.3, 2.5  CodeLab#1 HW#2
WPractice Programming: Sequential Programs Linux Overview and Commands
F: Practice Programming: Debugging Techniques, Error Types, Common Compiler Messages, Debugging Cycle 1.4

Jan 18 - 22 (3) M:   Problem Solving, Algorithmic Control Structures for Problem Solving, Intro to Scratch, Install Scratch 1.1-1.2 HW#3
WScratch Exercises: Sequence, Selection and Looping CodeLab#1
F:   C++ Control Structures: Sequence, Selection, and Looping, Variable Scope 2.4  HW#4
Jan 25 - 29 (4) M:   Boolean Algebra, Boolean Types, "If" Statements, "Switch" Statement, Selection Exercises 3.1-3.2 CodeLab#2 HW#3
WWhile Statement, For Statement, Looping Exercises, Nested Loops 3.3
F:    Predefined Functions, Function Prototypes and Libraries, Linux Manual Pages , Type Casting, Random Numbers  4.1-4.2, A.4 CodeLab#3 CodeLab#2
Feb 1 - 5   (5) M:  Arrays, Array Examples 7.1 HW#5 HW#4
W:  C-Strings and C++ String Library
F:   Lab CodeLab#4 CodeLab#3
Feb 8 - 12 (6) M:  C-Style I/O (alt: More with C++ I/O or Debuggers) 8.1-8.2  HW#6 HW#5
W:  Snow Day (No Class :(  )
F:   Formatting Output and Input Handling, Defined Constants, Macros,  and Conditional Compilation 6.2  CodeLab#5
Feb 15 -19 (7) M:  Searching and Sorting Arrays, Exercises with Arrays 7.2-7.3 HW#7 CodeLab#4
W:  Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Mutli-Dimensional Array Examples 7.4  HW#6
F:   Lab CodeLab#6
Feb 22 - 26  (8) M:   Procedural Abstraction,   Programmer-Defined Functions, Arrays as Parameters, Value Parameters, (In-class Exercises) 4.3-4.5, 7.2 CodeLab#5
WMidterm Review HW#7
F:   Midterm Exam CodeLab#6
Mar 1 - 5    (9) M:  Spring Break (No Class)
W:  Spring Break (No Class)
F:   Spring Break (No Class)
Mar 8 - 12 (10) MMore Exercises with Writing Functions, Variable Scope 4.3-4.5, 5.4  CodeLab#7
W:  CS Education Conference (No Class)
F:  Lab (No Instructor Available)  
Mar 15 - 19 (11) MReference Parameters,  Void Functions, Function Overloading 5.1-5.2, 4.6 CodeLab#8  CodeLab#7
W:  Constant Parameters, Default Parameters


F:   Lab
Mar 22 - 26 (12) MRecursion 14.1-14.3 CodeLab#9    CodeLab#8
W:  File I/O HW#8
F:   Lab CodeLab#9
Mar 29 - Apr 2 (13) M:  Examples with File I/O 6.1)
W:  Programming w/APIs HW#9 HW#8
F:    Easter Break (No Class)
Apr 5 - 9 (14) M:   Easter Break (No Class)
W:  Introduction to Structured Data Types 10.1-10.2  CodeLab#10
F:   Multi-File Compilation, Examples with Structured Types and C++ Classes
Apr 12 - 16 (15) M:   Examples with Structured Types and C++ Classes, Final Project Discussion, HW#10 HW#9
W:  Thinking Abstractly (Smart Move Discussion)
F:   Lab CodeLab#10
Apr 19 - 23 (16) M:  Lab
W:  Lab
F:   Review HW#10
Apr 26 - 30 (Exam Week) M:  BattleShip Tournament
W:  Final Exam, Dec 9th, 8-10AM, MIL 142
F:   No Class