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Exam Policy

Each year provides many opportunities for extracurricular involvement. As valuable as these are, academics should be your number one priority. Therefore, I would like to make my exam policy clear: There are NO make-up exams. Exceptions will be made for illness and death in the family. If you go on an approved trip or event, you may not miss an exam unless three things happen:

  1. The activity is approved.
  2. The activity removes you from the classroom on the exam day.
  3. You make prior arrangements.

I also reserve the right not to grant an excuse for the exam. Therefore, depending on the activity, it may be in your best interest to stay on campus and take the exam. No exceptions will be made for activities that do not occur on the exam day. Even if you get in late the night before, I expect you to attend class and take the exam. Thanks for your cooperation with this policy.

Grading Policy

Your letter grade will be based on the following scale:

      • A    93 - 100%
      • A-  90 - 92%
      • B+  88 - 89%
      • B    83 - 87%
      • B-   80 - 82%
      • C+  78 - 79%
      • C    73 - 77%
      • C-  70 - 72%
      • D+  68 - 69%
      • D    63 - 67%
      • D-  60 - 62%
      • F    59 and lower

Special Needs

The Academic Enrichment Center (The Cove) is located on the second floor of the BTS and is available to all students seeking academic support, such as tutoring or instruction in learning and study strategies. Disability Services is located in The Cove and seeks to provide equal access through reasonable, appropriate accommodations to students who are impacted by adisability. For more information and an application for disability services, visit www.cedarville.edu/disabilityservices or e-mail the Disabilities Compliance Coordinator atdisabilityservices@cedarville.edu.

You are not required to self-identify unless you wish to have accommodations made. If you have further questions or if I can assist you in any other way, please let me know.

Dr. Sullivan


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