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Reading Resources

PLEASE NOTE: The opinions expressed in these resources are not necessarily those of Cedarville University or its faculty.

Readings organized by topic: Please report broken links to Dr. Sullivan

Introduction, Philosophical Backgrounds

Required Reading:

JP Moreland and Normal Geilser: Ethical Theories and Ethical Decision-Making [link]

Feinberg and Feinberg: Moral Decision-making and the Christian: [link]

Optional Resource:

Sullivan 1: Reviving the Saracen's Head: [PDF]


Required Reading:

Sullivan 2: The Conception View of Personhood: A Review [PDF]

Kuhse & Singer: What's Wrong with the Sanctity of Life Doctrine? [link]

Condic: Life: Defining the Beginning by the End [link]

Optional Resource:

Ware: Male Priority in Man and Woman as the Image of God [PDF]

Abortion and Infanticide

Required Reading:

Tortora & Grabowski: Prinicples of Anatomy and Physiology (course textbook, pages as indicated)

Sullivan 3: A Thirty-Year Perspective on Personhood [PDF]

Beckwith: Unplugging the Violinist (Part III only) [link]

Case Study (Sullivan): [link]

Optional Resources:

Judith Jarvis Thomson, A Defense of Abortion [link]
Bouchier-Hayes: Philosophers on Abortion and Infanticide [link]
Sullivan: Partial-Birth Abortion: Op-Ed Article [PDF]

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice: Barriers to Abortion are Barriers to Justice for Women: [link]

Family Planning, Assisted Procreation

Required Reading:

Sullivan 4: The Oral Contraceptive as Abortifacient: An Analysis of the Evidence [link]

Sullivan: PowerPoint presentation on Oral Contraceptives (based on above article) [link]

Francis: The Christian and Assisted Procreation [PDF]

Caplan: New IVF dilemmas make old fears seem quaint [link]

Grabill: The Embryo Surplus: A Pro-Life Catch-22 [link]

Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning

Required Reading:

Sullivan 5: Complicity and Stem Cell Research: Countering the Utilitarian Argument [PDF]

Kilner: Human Cloning [link]

Kilner and George: Human Cloning: What's at Stake [link]

Optional Resource:

Clancy: To Clone or Not to Clone? [link]

End of Life

Required Reading:

Rosenberg: Consciousness, Coma, and Brain Death [link]

Symposium: The Sanctity of Life Seduced (note especially Callahan and Meilander) [link]

Sullivan 6: Euthanasia v. Letting Die [link]

Orr & Meilander: Ethics and Life's Ending [link]

Optional Resource:

Kuhse & Singer: Bob Dent's Decision [Ohiolink]

Hippocratic Medicine

Required Reading:

Hippocratic Oath [link]

Nuremberg Code [link]

Cameron: The Hippocratic Legacy, Ch. 1 & 2 [On Reserve at Centennial Library Front Desk]


Required Reading:

Naomi Schaefer: The Legacy of Nazi Medicine [link]

Belmont Report [link]

Human Experimentation

Required Reading:

Helsinki Declaration: [link]


The New Genetics

Required Reading:

HGP 1: The New Genetics [link]

HGP 2: Genetic Testing [link]

HGP 3: Genetic Therapy [link]

Sullivan 7: Human Genetic Transformation: What Are the Biblical Limits? [link]


Technology and the Future

Bill Joy: Why the Future Doesn't Need Us [link]
(note: this article is 11 pages long: click on the links at the bottom to advance to the next page)

Ethics and Rights of Conscience

The Manhattan Declaration [link]

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