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Syllabus, Fall Semester 2014

Course Goals:

1) Students will be able to evaluate the main sources of ethical theories, and to show their strengths and weaknesses.

2) Students will be able to articulate the nature of human personhood from theological, philosophical, and biological perspectives.

3) Students will be able to formulate bioethical insights on key issues in medicine and biotechnology.

Instructor: Dennis Sullivan, MD
HSC 229 (phone ext. 7573)



  • The Holy Bible (version of your choice).
  • Gerald Tortora and Bryan Derrickson, Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Twelfth Edition, John Wiley Publishing Company (2009).
    ( Note: you should already have this text if you have taken Human Structure and Function. If not, you will need the text if you take that course. Otherwise, any good college-level A&P text will do, that covers the reproductive system)

Additional Reading: sources available on-line (see schedule)

Course Content:

  • Lecture and Discussion (see schedule)
  • Short Papers (about every two weeks, see schedule for topics)


  • Four Exams ( Exam #4 is during Finals Week, not comprehensive)
  • Four Short Papers


· Exam keys will be available in my office for one week after each exam.

· Reading assignments should be completed immediately before the related classroom lecture.

· Please review my Exam and Grading Policies.

· Please review my Writing Guidelines, including my policy on plagiarism.

· The Bio 4710 Web Site contains many of the reading assignments and resources required for this course (Web links, writing guide, etc.).


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