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The Academic Student Journal of Christian Bioethics

CedarEthics Online 13:1, Fall 2013:

To Conceive or Not Conceive: A Christian Perspective on Family Planning - Elise Newcomer

Applying the Principle of Double Effect - Andria Quirindongo

Providing Care at the End of Life: An Examination of Biblical Principles - Charles Snyder

Special Section: Papers from the Honors Seminar, "Body and Soul: Foundations of Human Personhood:"

End of Life and Saving Souls: Should a Desire for Converts Influence End-of-life Ethics? Michelle Frazer

Morality of Contraceptives Based on When Personhood Begins - Joella Gerber

Genetic Engineering and the Pursuit of Human Perfection - K.C. Pugh

CedarEthics Online 12:2, Spring 2013:

A Kantian Ethical Analysis of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis - Emily Delk

Having Babies: Personhood or Product? - Leanne Dykstra

The Singer and the Violinist: When Pro-Choice Ethicists Are Out of Tune - Tyler John

CedarEthics Online 12:1, Fall 2012:

Kantian Ethics: A Support for Euthanasia in Extreme Dementia - Joshua Beckler

Marriage Without Procreation? A Biblical Analysis - Mindy Vasser

CedarEthics Online 11:1, Fall 2011:

The Tao and the Art of Feminine Beauty - Tia Zirkle

Let Them be Heroes - Christina Kinch

CedarEthics Online 10:2, Spring 2011:

The Nazi Research Data: Should We Use It? - Sarah Wilson

CedarEthics Online 10:1, Fall 2010:

Safeguarding Genetic Privacy - Anna-Marie Struble, Emily Valji, and Jennifer Lilly

Altered Nuclear Transfer Violates Natural Law Ethics - Thomas Bertagnoli

Of Violinists and Fetuses - Dylan Black

Virtue Ethics for Christians - Benjamin Kilian

Third-Party Gametes and the Christian - Emily Valji

CedarEthics Online 9:1, Fall 2009:

Realizing Potential: A Pragmatic Look at Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Mark Bentley

Defending Unborn Orphans: Embryo Adoption - Kristin Colman

Marx v. Flanigan: A Discussion on Abortion - James Fallin

CedarEthics Online 8:2, Spring 2009:

Human Personhood from a Kantian Perspective - Jennifer Nelson

The Logic of Birth Control: A Look at the Numbers - Lydia Wong

Special Graduate-Level Paper:
Embryo Adoption: An Opportunity for Life - Carla Gaines

CedarEthics Online 8:1, Fall 2008:

Tubman versus Hodgson: A Conversation About Abortion - Nicole Brewin

An Internal Ethical Revolution - Hillary Jones

CedarEthics Online 7:2, Spring 2008:

If Kevorkian Could Meet Hippocrates - Scott Van Dyke

Abortion and the Link to Breast Cancer - Jennifer Heiden

Pope Paul VI and the Pill - Sara White

Euthyphro’s Dilemma and Divine Command Ethics - Charis Steffel

CedarEthics Online 7:1, Fall 2007:

Substance, Nature, and Human Personhood - John Wildman

Roe v. House: A Dialogue on Abortion - Katie Condit

The Pro-Child Movement: Adopting a Compassionate Strategy - Jessica Seman

CedarEthics Online 6:2, Spring 2007:

Abortion and Women's Health: A Closer Look at "Back-Alley" Abortions - Michele VandenBerg

Abortion, Sick Babies, and Tough Choices - Paige Taylor

Is AIDS God’s Judgment against Homosexuality? An Argument from Natural Law - Rondi Noden

CedarEthics Online 6:1, Fall 2006:

Women and Abortion: The 'Feminist' Mystique - Bethany Sibbitt

CedarEthics Online 5:2, Spring 2006:

Mother Knows Best - Timothy DeKoninck

Designer Babies and the 'Cabbage Patch' Mentality - Jennifer Magin

A Conversation About Assisted Suicide - Jessica Thomas

CedarEthics Online 5:1, Fall 2005:

An Application of Hierarchicalism to Anencephalic Newborns - David Lindholm

Embryos: Children or Commodities? - Stacey Henness

Medical Ethics and the Nazi War Data - Kristen Zeppenfeld

CedarEthics Online 4, Fall 2004:

Homo sapiens - the Human Animal -
Paul Round

Child Sacrifice in the Western World - David Miedema

Pure and Undefiled Religion - Katherine Hekel

CedarEthics Online 3, Fall 2003:

Ethical Choices: A Case for Hierarchicalism -
Nathan Ramsey

Sentience as a Reason to Ban Partial-Birth Abortion -
Carrie Ziegenfuss

CedarEthics Online 2, Fall 2002:

Reflections on Feminist Views of Abortion and Motherhood -
Callie Edgington

The Art of Dying -
Mellisa Pogirski

Ethical Philosophies and the Hippocratic Physician -
Jason Elwell

CedarEthics Online 1, Fall 2001:

A Christian Perspective on Stem Cell Research - Katherine Steingass

It Does Matter What You Believe: A Critique of Moral Relativism -
Lisa Simpson

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