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Editorial Guidelines

Objectives of papers

To apply, compare, and contrast different ethical theories in regard to a given issue.

To reach an ethical position based on sound reasoning and critical thinking.


1. All papers must be typed and double-spaced, submitted in Word format.

2. There should be a minimum of two (2) full pages, not counting title page and references.

3. Please do NOT exceed four (4) pages, not counting title page and references.

4. The title page should include the title and the name of the author.


1. Please use the APA format for in-text citations and a bibliography.

2. Use as many references as you wish - these must be scholarly references. Popular-level references (Newsweek, People, etc.) may also add background to your paper, as long as most come from more scholarly sources.

3. References may include books, journal articles, or online sources. The Journal will not observe a distinction between “primary” and “secondary” sources.


1. Papers for consideration should be sent to Dr. Dennis Sullivan by regular mail or electronically.

2. Regular mail: Dr. Sullivan, Dept. of Science and Math (university address below)

3. E-mail: Dr. Sullivan

4. For articles submitted by mail, please include an electronic copy on disk.

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