A tissue is a grouping of similar cells that work together to perform a single function.  Multiple tissues are then organized to form the separate organs of the body.  There are four (4) basic types of tissue:

    1. epithelial:
        * covers body surfaces
        * lines hollow organs
        * lines body cavities and ducts
        * forms glands

    2. connective:
        * protection and support
        * binding together (like glue)
        * energy storage
        * immunity

    3. muscle: movement and force

    4. nervous: coordinates bodily activities

Using a Microscope:

The digital pictures on this Web site are no substitute for examination of actual slides microscopically.  When looking at a new slide, always start at the lowest power (usually 40X).  This "bird's eye" view will allow you to survey the tissue as a whole, and to observe the general architecture.  Often, the most important histological features of a tissue will be best seen at low power.  You will notice that many of the images on this Web site are at 40X.

Next, go to medium power (100X) and high power (400X), to "zero in" on individual structures and cells of interest.  A few images on this Web site are at 1000X, a high magnification obtained with an oil-emersion objective.

About the Images:

All of the images on this site were taken in the Cedarville University Microscopy Core Facility with several research-quality light microscopes.  The equipment also includes a digital capture unit and a high resolution digital camera.  Together with a video monitor and computer, the system can be designated a “digital microscope” with very powerful capabilities.

Images were captured from tissue slides, with arrows and labels added for teaching clarity.  The pictures were then compiled for use on this Web site.  These are identical to what students will see through their microscopes in a histology lab exercise.

Partial funding for this site was through the Cedarnet Faculty Incentive Program.

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