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HON 3410 - Body and Soul: Foundations of Human Personhood
Course Syllabus: Fall, 2013


Dennis M. Sullivan, M.D.
Office: ENS 279, Phone: 7573
Email: sullivan@cedarville.edu

Chuck Dolph, Ph.D.
Office: WI 222, Phone: 7972
Email: dolphc@cedarville.edu

Course Description:

This is an interdisciplinary study of human value. Relevant disciplines include theology, philosophy, psychology, biology, and neuroscience. The course will analyze and contrast various secular and Christian theories to arrive at a Christian anthropology, with applications to contemporary issues in bioethics.

Course Objectives:

  1. To study the nature of human personhood from a number of secular and theistic perspectives.
  2. To develop interdisciplinary insights by comparing competing theories.
  3. To examine certain key issues in current bioethical discourse that are informed by theories of personhood.


Gilbert Meilaender, Neither Beast nor God: The Dignity of the Human Person. Encounter Books, 2009.
Carol Levine, Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Bioethical Issues (13th Ed.). McGraw-Hill, 2009.

Course Content:

Lecture and Discussion (see schedule)
One take-home midterm Essay exam
A 10-12 page paper (APA format):
Topic chosen by student
Should contrast two scholarly views of an aspect of human personhood
Should include at least eight scholarly references

Exam:  40%
Paper: 40%
Classroom participation: 20%

Student Involvement:

Class attendance is required. Students should work together in class and are encouraged to discuss assignments out of class. However, students must work independently on writing assignments outside of class. Collaboration will be considered academic dishonesty.

All due dates are firm; late work will not be accepted.



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