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Fall Semester, 2013
Schedule of Topics and Required Readings
(Detailed Bibliography Below)
Readings available as links here, or on Cedarville’s Electronic Reserves

D Date

Lecture / Discussion Topic





Th 08/22

Introduction: Bioethics context for personhood

Class Notes, "Who Am I" video

T 08/27

Ethical Theory

Feinberg & Feinberg [link]

Th 08/29

Ethical Theory

Feinberg & Feinberg [link]



T 09/03

Ethical Theory

Feinberg & Feinberg [link]

Th 09/05

Human Personhood in Contemporary Context

Beeson Podcast with Dr. Ben Mitchell [link]




T 09/10 Style and Reference Formatting APA (6th Ed.) Research Paper Basics
Th 09/12 When is an Embryo a Person? Gilbert [link]



T 09/17 Personhood as a Concept

Perry [link]

Th 09/19

Biblical Basis for Personhood

Sullivan 1



T 09/24

Evolution and Personhood

Dawkins (link)

Th 09/26

Biblical Basis for Personhood (part 2)

Sullivan 1

T 10/01

Philosophical Basis

Sullivan II

Th 10/03


Moreland and Rae (E-Res), esp. pp. 70-85




T 10/08

Dualism v. Physicalism

Murphy (E-Res)

Th 10/10

Personality and personhood

Yancey (link)



T 10/15

Personhood as "Speciesism"


Th 10/17


(no class)


T 10/22

C.S. Lewis and personhood

Lewis: Transposition (link)

Th 10/24

Issue: Is Abortion Immoral?

Levine: 120-140 (14th Ed. 132-151)

T 10/29

Issue: Women and the Health of the Unborn

Levine: 141-158 (14th Ed.152-169)

Th 10/31

Issue: Advance Directives

Levine: 60-73 (14th Ed. 60-77)

T 11/05 Issue: The Terri Schiavo Case

Orr & Meilander

Th 11/07

Issue: Assisted Suicide

Levine: 83-103 (14th Ed. 109-129)

T 11/12

Issue: Genetic Enhancement

Levine: 205-218 (14th Ed. 219-232)

Th 11/14

Issue: Human Experimentation

Levine: 246-257 (14th Ed. 250-263)




T 11/19

Issue: Transplantation Ethics

Levine: 14th Ed. 298-310 (13th Ed. does not have this case)

Th 11/21

Issue: Rights of Conscience

Levine: 299-318 (14th Ed. 338-357)




T 11/26

Human Perfectionism

Hawthorne (link)

Th 11/28 THANKSGIVING BREAK (no class)



T 12/03

Personhood and Materialism

Gilder (E-Res)

Th 12/05

Course Wrap-Up




Detailed Bibliography:

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Sullivan, DM (2003). The Conception View of Personhood: A Review. Ethics and Medicine 19(1): 11-33.

Yancey, P (1998). Dark nature. Books and Culture, March.


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