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Constance Ferris '20

I was just contacted that my aunt died suddenly and unexpectedly in her sleep last night. She was saved, but her family is not and they are going to have a rough time.
This Student record was created 16-Sep-16 09:21 AM.

Cassandra Byers '19

I need help bad... Im in finance situation where im almost 8000 in debt in cedarville just for this semester and i need Miracle fast because the semester is coming to and end next month. Coming to this school was a blessing and a fresh start to my life leaving this school and leaving my angel would mess up my future and my life at that im trying my best to get a full ride from rotc but i have unknown medical issues and not fit for it i think but i keep trying but i only have so much time so i ask that pray that God sends me a miracle .
This Student record was created 15-Sep-16 10:31 PM.

Amy Kukucka '17

While in class today, I was notified that my 17 year-old son lost a fellow classmate to a house fire this morning in Delaware, Ohio. We are a small, tight-knit community and our hearts are broken. Even more importantly, her father was able to get out of the home and she wasn't. I pray he is released from any survivor guilt, and I would just appreciate prayer for that dear child's entire family, and all of the students in the Delaware community during this tragic, heart-wrenching time. Thank you.
This Student record was created 15-Sep-16 04:35 PM.

H.N. Sullivan

My next door neighbor has requested prayer for his wife, who is undergoing surgery as I write this.
This Faculty record was created 14-Sep-16 08:46 PM.