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Laurel Bryant

Hi everyone, I have a prayer request for my home county and surrounding areas in Central Virginia. Yesterday we had tornado(s) go through our area which is an unusual occurrence. Many houses and businesses were seriously damaged, and many houses in my county were completely destroyed. Please pray for the people, and the families that are impacted by this and for the first responders who are out today and will be out in the coming weeks. This is near to my heart not only because it's my home area but also because I know some of the people impacted by their houses being destroyed or damaged. I know I and the people back home would appreciate the prayer as we clean up the damage and rebuild in the coming months. Thanks everyone and God bless.
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Victoria Smith '21

Hey everyone just got this from my aunt about our friend. Please pray for her and the baby!! Also for peace with whatever comes! Thank you! Good morning everyone! Here is an update on Liz- She is starting chemo today so please keep her in your prayers. Thanks!!! “I spent Saturday with her, it was a hard day, but good to be there. They will do chemo for 48 hours, every 2 weeks. They will do 5 rounds (10 weeks) and then test to see how her body’s responding. They hope to have her deliver the baby then and then treat it more aggressively. She is hoping to be able to go home between treatments. It is officially stage 4 stomach cancer. But she has tumors in her stomach, esophagus, lining the walls of her bowels etc. It’s aggressive. The tumor they removed from her ovary grew 3 centimeter in 2 weeks-and that’s far from where it originated from. She has a large tumor at the bottom of her esophagus that is not allowing the flap that normally keeps acid down to close. She has severe heartburn, even with strong meds. They are giving her between a few months and a year. It’s all so very sad. But...we serve a big God!”
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Jennifer Kunkle

My mother is having her broken wrist operated on Thursday. Prayers for healing would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Sam Charpentier '19

Hi guys, one of my good friends back home in New Hampshire just lost his best friend from childhood to an unexpected drug overdose. If you have a second right now, please pray for the Tocars family, my friend's emotional health and the heroin abuse epidemic in New England.
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Susanna Edwards '19

One of my younger brother's classmates is in critical condition after suffering a stroke related to a brain aneurism this past weekend. The cause of these issues is unknown. The situation is very serious. Please pray for him. He is 17 years old. Also, a close friend of mine named JoAnne is currently being hospitalized for C diff. The cause is unknown, though it is likely connected to the antibiotics she has been on for a recent fight with pneumonia. She is elderly and weak. Please pray for her and her daughter's family (her caretakers).
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