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Steven Woodfield

Please pray for a 2-year-old Nepali boy, Terrance, that my brother-in-law knows. The boy has been diagnosed with Spinal Muscle Atrophy, a degenerative disease that will progressively limit his ability to move and breathe on his own, leading to an early death without intervention. Currently his parents cannot afford treatment in the U.S. so are looking into options, including one doctor potentially offering to provide treatment under compassionate use. Pray that God would orchestrate treatment to be provided as soon as possible to prevent progression of his disease. Our God is able! Here is a link to his Facebook page that has updates:

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This Student record was created 24-Sep-20 10:10 PM.

Julianne Croft '21

There are several wildfires popping up on the West Coast along I5, and they are destroying everything. My hometown in Southern Oregon is burning down right now. Houses and businesses all over are completely gone and my family had to evacuate. Pray for the firefighters, the people who do not have their homes anymore, the people who are being displaced, and for the Lord to bring rain!

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This Student record was created 09-Sep-20 11:04 PM.