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Kelli McConnaughey

I got a call this afternoon from my aunt. My mother has overdosed for the 3rd time in two years. This time, she took medication from my aunt, who had no clue my mom was going through her stuff. My mom does believe in God but other than that statement, doesn't live out her belief. Please keep her, my aunt, my dad, my 8 year old sister, and myself in your prayers.
This Student record was created 18-Apr-17 05:50 PM.

Marvin Major '17

Hello, a few days ago I submitted a prayer request asking everyone to pray for a friend that got mugged and severely beaten. A few hours ago he passed away due to the trauma. Now I'm asking for everyone who prayed to pray for his family. Losing a child must be a painful experience for all of his family. Thanks for the prayer!
This Student record was created 11-Apr-17 12:17 AM.

Corinne Yeatts

My friend (Kyle)'s grandpop is not doing well. He hasn't eaten solid food in a week. He does not yet have a diagnosis. His wife took him to the hospital tonight and they are keeping him overnight and will do more tests in the morning. I will keep you all posted. Please pray for him, Kyle, and their whole family as they go through this hard time.
This Student record was created 10-Apr-17 11:28 PM.

Marvin Major '17

I have a friend back home who is currently battling for his life. He was mugged at an ATM machine, beat over his head to the point that some of his organs are failing. I would appreciate prayers as he is struggling to stay alive. The family has people praying all around the world. Prayers from Cedarville were instrumental in my life and I'm hoping they help his family as well.
This Student record was created 09-Apr-17 12:16 PM.